• Extend the life of your home’s building components - We live in Texas where it is hot and humid. As mold, mildew and algae grow they will eat at what they are growing on whether that is your roof or wood fence. These can also begin to break down brick and the mortar that is used in brick walls by trapping in moisture and causing water damage and decreasing the strength of these materials. Often times pieces that appear to need to be replaced really just need a good washing.
  • More energy efficient – Yes it’s true. As mold, mildew and algae grow they will often cause the overall color of a home or structure to darken which absorbs more energy from sunlight, increasing the temperature of the surface. This is much like the difference between wearing a dark shirt versus a light colored shirt on a sunny day. The increased temperature makes cooling more difficult causing your A/C to run longer and more often increasing electrical consumption.
  • It just looks good! – Whether you plan on keeping your home forever or if it is time to put it on the market pressure washing is always a good idea. If your home is a keeper let us help you show your pride in ownership with revealing how good it really looks. If it is time to sell, improving a home’s curb appeal will help gain more interest to potential sellers allowing the property to standout.

Excellence in our quality of work, professionalism, knowledge of the industry, and customer service are what you will encounter in dealing with Texas Precision Washing Company. Let us make you a highly satisfied customer today!