We specialize in the cleaning of:

  • Home exteriors – We clean all types of home exteriors. From Brick to Vinyl siding and all that is in between, we can bring out its potential.
  • Driveways and Sidewalks– As tough as concrete is it does take a beating being walked and driven on every day and does occasionally need a little help to look good again. Pressure washing helps remove what is not supposed to be there.
  • Fencing and Decking – After a period of time wood fencing and decking will begin to show its age. Pressure washing can make that fence and deck look new again.
  • Roofs – As they are constantly exposed to the elements and receive a beating from the wind and dust and rain, they to need to be cleaned occasionally to keep in top condition.
  • Pool/Hot tub edging and waterfalls – In both Chlorine and salt water pools, mineral buildup will occur at the water line as water evaporates leaving deposits of salt, calcium and other minerals on tile, glass and stone that are used around the edge of a pool and on water features.  We are able to blast away these deposits using a water soluble blasting media which also has the amazing side effect of polishing porcelain and glass tiles. The pool can be used the same day we complete the cleaning as only a small amount of water needs to be drained and the material we use does not affect the chemical balance of the pool.